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Bantayan Island, Cebu {Philippines}

  • Monday, October 22, 2012
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  • Have you been to Cebu City? Have you tried exploring the island of Cebu? Cebu have so many beaches from North to South, just take a pick and you'll enjoy every bit of it. Located just west off the northern tip of Cebu Island you'll discover the Bantayan Island. It is also the main and largest island of the Bantayan Island Group that is roughly the geographical center of the Philippines. Bantayan Islands are considered as Cebu’s fishing ground from where boatloads of fish are transported daily to Cebu City and Negros. The island can be reached via bus from Cebu City then a ferry that will take you to the island. It's a long bus ride but it's all worth it. The place have nice hotel and resort to stay with and the people in this place are very hospitable and kind.

    It was 2001 when a friend from Bantayan Island brought us there for a week vacation. We stayed at his place and accommodated us with the abundance of crabs, shrimps and seafoods. Believe it or not, the crabs and shrimps at this place are easy to catch. We even tried to catch some and gobbled it endlessly. It was by far the best experienced I ever had.

    Sugar beach is one of the nicest beach in this little town. The sand is white and the cottages were very cheap. You just have to be careful going farther in that ocean as it also have tons of sea urchin and one of them got me. Yup, I was drunk and went to the water to cooled off and stepped on the sea urchin. They said the you won't get the sting if a man will peed on it. So, I asked my friend to peed and put the pee in a container. It was gross but i washed my foot with his pee and yet the stink still there.

    This experience happened a very long time ago but in my head still fresh and made me smile just the thought of it.


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