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Chicago River Bridge & Buildings

  • Monday, October 29, 2012
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  • Picture taken at Museum of Science and Industry. It's a view (miniature & exhibit) of Chicago River Bridge, Chicago river and beautiful tall buildings. We've visited this place couple of times already and I'll share some of the photos I took next time.

    Want to know more about the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago? Well, I found a website that contains informative articles and images HERE, it's a good read. Enjoy


    ~Ms. Joy mH~ said...

    I've been to Chicago once when I renewed my Philippine passport and I agree buildings at Chicago are really huge, just like New York. But with the idea of the museum are really fun which makes people see this to go to the real place.

    Adin B said...

    Nindot lagi ni imoha blog mommy Shy, bag o ni? Anyway, sa didto mi ug Chicago before wala jud mi ka explore more. I am sure this place is one beautiful and interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    Bless said...

    Haven't been to Chicago, but it is one of the places here in the US I want to visit one day. I want to experience the windy city if given a chance :-)

    Mel Cole said...

    I remember seeing the Chicago skyline the first time while riding a train shuttle from Domestic to International. It was amazing! Wish to see it up close next time.

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