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First Travel Abroad {Japan}

  • Thursday, October 18, 2012
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  • ...And my dream to travel abroad had begun when I met a friend who was deployed in Japan. It was an opportunity for me to see other places.
    I took the opportunity and flew on a plane by myself headed to Narita airport, Japan. Others may find it scary traveling nor flying alone for the first time but for me was an adventure and a great experience as well. My fiend took me to different places in Tokyo Japan and that was amazing. We went hiking at Mt. Mitaki and that's where this photos taken.
    I really wished to travel to Japan again but I guess that opportunity won't come again. The trip to Japan opened up a new dreams for me and that was to go abroad. It also opened a new perspective in life and a lot more.

    It's good to reminisce ones in a while and think how our dream influence us. Because of that dream, I am here right now in the USA. It all started in that simple dream that brought me to be where I am right now.


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