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Islet of Bohol

  • Thursday, October 25, 2012
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  • It was 2005 when we visited bohol and stayed in our friend's grandparents house for a week. I forgot the name of their place. That was a fun vacation and we also toured Bohol during that trip. We bought our own food and rented a jeepney for that tour only. There is a nearby islet in that town so we went there and got drunk. It was a private islet. Not all our friends went with us to that islet because they were scared with the small boat. We rented a couple of small boats that will take us to the islet.

    Bohol is one of the most visited island in the Philippines that is located in Central Visayas. Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. The best and common form of transportation to get to Bohol is by boat.

    Bohol has 75 islands and islets. The largest island is Panglao which comprises the town of Dauis and Panglao and faces Tagbilaran City in the southwest. Lapinig, in the northeast, is the second biggest island which was formerly a progressive barrio of Ubay.

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    Jerla Oh lalala said...

    mine is up great trip and sure enough, looks like you had a great time. getaway is a must so we can recharge before going back to the reality :D

    imriz said...

    oh, that tree submerged in sea water looks interesting. i agree, i always gets to see FB friends visiting bohol and palawan.

    Krissycat said...

    Ohhh...I wanted to hit the beach now!

    Thanks for the visit, Mommy. From BPC.

    Dhemz said...

    agoy ang talaag...hehehe....murag hapit na jud nimo nasuroy ang tibuok pinas tsang....kalingaw ninyo ba...ako wala ko kalaag sa mga islets sa tagbilaran ra me taman...waaaaaa!

    ganahan ko aning pic nga naa mo sa kahoy...ehhehee! lami manarap ug isda kay!

    thanks for joining BPC bayot!

    cassandrasminicorner said...

    Super ka adventurous gyud ni sila..I was been in Bohol sayang was ko kadala ug kalamay..he,he!!!Naa ko pukot Dhemz, pwede na ta manarap ug isda..LOL!

    wifetoalineman02 said...

    love the pictures Momi Sheila :-) the first picture is so cool and the second one is funny. I only been to Bohol once and I forget the name of the island :-) Visiting from #76 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

    Emzkie said...

    i miss the beach! i wish i could get the chance to visit bohol.

    Vernz said...

    haguy Tsang.. wala pa jud ko kaabot diring dapita.. hapit na..heheh :) salamat sa laag :)

    Sheryl Apuhin said...

    wish i could visit it one day...maybe next year..
    from BPC74
    ilan na blog mo mommy shy?..

    Adin B said...

    I really want to go and explore Bohol next time makauli mi sa Pinas. How fun is the last photo! kana first photo nimo na gatungtong mo reminds me of my highschool years with my friends where we went to this place na mo hunas then inig ka taud-taod napuno na sa tubig mao katkat jud kaha mi. hehehehe... :) So fun! Visiting late mommy.

    Katy Borela said...

    hi there,

    i love your travel site..
    i also own a travel niche...mind if we link exchange

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