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A day at Silverton Aquarium

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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  • Here are some other picturewe got when Jake and I went to Vegas. Silverton Hotel is really a great place, they have slot machine in the lobby where the Aquarium is. The place is open 24 hours per day so people can come at any time and take a look at the 117,000 gallon fish tank home to some amazing creatures. Every Thursday through Sunday they have a live show which happens in the tank with live mermaids. It's not a real mermaid though, but people dressed like mermaids will put on a 15 minute water show for guest and family to enjoy. Over the years this rounded fish tank has become a favorite of hotel visitors to come and check out. The fish tank is filled with everything from stingrays to sharks. Back in 2007 a couple actually got married inside the tank. The tank currently holds over 4,000 tropical fish. The tank is set up with various LED lighting displays executing a wonderful underwater light show.

    On the day we were there, no mermaid show as it was not on scheduled. But I took pictures of their mermaid display with jelly fish in one of the restaurant inside the hotel.


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