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Things to Do in Warkworth New Zealand

  • Saturday, January 11, 2014
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  • Every places all over the world has its own characteristic, attractions and landmarks for tourist and visitors. When planning for family vacation and outings consider checking out Walton Park Motor Lodge in Warkworth, New Zealand and be amaze of the beautiful attractions the place has to offer. Finding a place to stay in Warkworth is not problem. The accommodation is consider top notch with clean and comfortable rooms plus SKY TV and are wireless internet capable. Whether it's a weekend jaunt to an acclaimed lodge accommodation or sun-soaked week at well-known island resort, the most important thing is you get the most out of your vacation.

    The accommodation is exceptional, clean, tidy and affordable. Book early and make a reservation to get the best accommodation and a suitable place to stay. There are plenty of fun things to do in Warkworth New Zealand. Enjoy every bit of your vacation and make wonderful memories.

    Experience Kowhai Festival.

    Warkworth is just an hour’s drive from New Zealand’s largest city and a world away in terms of character and pace. The Warkworth district is known as the Kowhai Coast, named after the native kowhai tree, and the town's annual Kowhai Festival is one of the largest community festivals in the country, running for around a week in spring. The Kowhai Festival takes place every October in and around Warkworth, Matakana and the beautiful Mahurangi Coast.

    Kowhai Festival [image not mine]

    Discover the Island's Treasure.

    Warkworth is a town in the upper North Island of New Zealand. Warkworth, known for its river, The Mahurangi, is located in the Rodney District in the Auckland region. The general area Kowhai Coast gives you access to many marine treasures of the Hauraki Gulf such as Sandspit Fishing Charters, Reubens Cruises, Kawau Island, Goat Island Dive and much more.

    Exquisite Food Cuisine and Wine

    Warkworth is also the gateway to the Matakana Coast Wine Country, one of the most desirable holiday and week-end destinations to visit in New Zealand. The food is another thing that makes every vacation exciting.

    Stroll the scenic boardwalk & shopping

    The tranquil Mahurangi River runs through the heart of Warkworth and is a picturesque spot to meander along the boardwalk. As well as the nostalgic charm of Warkworth’s heritage buildings and boutique shops, its scenic native bush and meandering riverside boardwalk make Warkworth a great place to explore on foot. The place cafés, specialist shops and boutique galleries are a delight and kids will love watching award-winning chocolate being made at the chocolaterie.

    Go horseback riding Or Play Golf

    Go Horse Riding at Pakiri along the deserted beach and sand dunes. Experience the beautiful local scenery and farm life on horseback with an enjoyable ride suitable for all ages and abilities. They also have some wonderful Regional Parks, Sacndretts, Mahurangi and Tawharanui the wild life sanctuary and swimming heaven good for surfing. A great place to come and play some Golf, at nearby Warkworth Golf Club and Omaha Golf Club.

    Visit Historical landmarks

    The historical buildings and regularly changing displays at Warkworth Museum give a fascinating insight into the lives of pioneering families. Wander the boardwalks at Parry Kauri Park and marvel at the towering 800-year old kauri trees that more than live up to their reputation as ‘the kings of the forest’.

    Warkworth offer a great place to live, work and play - gorgeous scenery, delicious food and wine, talented artists and musicians, diverse culture, fantastic recreational opportunities and, above all, a welcoming and supportive community spirit.


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