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Important Gadget to Bring When Traveling

  • Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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  • Traveler knows exactly what to bring when they're on the road, out of the country or in an on a go trip. They packed their bags ahead so they won't forget anything. When you travel you should double check all the important documents such as passport, tickets and traveling permit if necessary. Traveler also knows they have to be at the air port 2 hours before the departure time.

    What are the things every traveler should bring when traveling? Well, a camera should be the first in the list. You do not want to miss any beautiful scenery and site as remembrance or souvenir. If you have been to Las Vegas, I think you also took a good shot of this colorful ornaments and decoration at the Bellagio hotel lobby.

    Flowers around Fountain
    Flowers around FountainBellagio
    Glass Flower Roof Bellagio Lobby Las Vegas
    Glass Flower Roof
    Giant Birds Big BirdYou might not able to see this giant bird anymore because every now and then they change the decoration at the lobby garden depending to the theme.

    A Book or two is also important. You can do your reading whilst waiting for your flight. It's also a good activity to do when you get bored.

    Laptop, netbook, cell phone, ipad, ipod and iphone are some of the gadgets that became part of our lifeline. We can't live without cellphone. So, make sure you bring with you the charger so you won't run out of juice while you're in a middle of an interest video game.

    Game board, puzzle, may not be necessary but if you have children traveling with you make you sure to bring anything for them to work on such as coloring book, crayon, children's book to read and snacks. Well, if you have any more ideas feel free to share.


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