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Remembering NYC Trip, Street & Sign

  • Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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  • New York City is one of the most visited state in the country. The busy lifestyle in New York City and a lot of beautiful tourist spot that sometimes get included in TV shows and movies always caught the peoples attention and makes them want to live in NYC. Anyway, I was excited when we visited the place. Even if it;s for business trip, we still able to visit some of the nice place such as Central Park, Museum, and playgrounds for the kids. The central park itself have so many things to see. The thing I love about NYC is the fast pace of life and everything is just a walking distance. Of course if it's long distance you need to ride a bus, cab or whatever transportation they have. But when we were there we only rode a bus going to the consulate. The Central Park is just a walking distance from my MIL place where we stayed. We wanted to visit other tourist spot but unfortunately both our kids at that time still little and husband was kind of tired carrying them. And his feet also got tired from walking. Another noticeable sign I saw is this traffic sign fine. It's ironic that they get penalty for honking when all i heard was a honk of the cab, and all sorts of vehicles.


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