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Exploring Japan & A Hike to Mt. Mitaki

  • Thursday, November 1, 2012
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  • I'm sharing my first experience traveling outside the Philippines.
    This picture was taken in Mt. Mitaki Tokyo, Japan. I was invited by a friend for a 10 days vacation to Japan and perhaps tour some places in the country. It was the most amazing hike experience that I will forever treasure. The place was incredible. We took a train thena cable car going up and a hike to their cemetry which was basically one of the tourist spots. We almost got left behind by the last trip and thankfully an old man i think a resident who live in that mountain warned us to hurry up because it was the last cable car that will take us down.

    Mount Mitake is a mountain in the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park near Tokyo, Japan. It stands 929 m (3,048 ft) tall. On the mountain is a Shinto shrine.

    It is one of the many highlights of the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, which covers more than 1,250 km2 (483 sq mi) of forested mountains, hills, gorges and some rural towns in the prefectures of Yamanashi, Saitama, Nagano and Tokyo.

    The trip from Tokyo's Shinjuku Station to Mitake Station on the Ōme Line takes about 95 minutes.source;wikipedia

    This one was taken in the park, I think it's called Showa memorial park. There are so many beautiful things to see in this park. The flowers most especially looks adorable during spring with a multitude of colorful flowers and blooming trees are a feast for the eyes. This place is located closeby YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan. It's one of exciting place all Airmen do and must see while they're stationed at Yokota is stay on base. Since we stayed in the airbase, it shouldn't be that hard to locate. We drove going to the park and following the direction was clearly difficult because the road sign was written in japanese character and there were a few people that can speak english. There is one thing i will never forget while being in this place was the respect of trees and environment preservation.

    Showa Kinen Park park was established as park of a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa's reign, and it now comprises about 163.0 hectares of completed area. The park draws attention as the most up to date leisure spot in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Visitors to the park may enjoy a walk through the forests and over the spacious lawns, while viewing the beautiful flowering plants, and savouring the tranquillity of nature.
    And the last photo was taken inside the base.

    Most of my pictures that are saved in my email were gone. But I had most of it save in the disc and left it at home. A very good friend invited me for a 10days vacation in Japan, that was summer 2005. That was my very best experience that open up my mind and curiosity to go abroad. Before I thought I'm contented staying in the country, grow old and single, but that all changed when an opportunity to travel abroad knocks. Japan is a very nice and clean country. I like the smell of the place and the people over there.


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