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Tuesday Travels | Uber Exposed {Moalboal}

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
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  • Warning: picture uber exposed!

    I just created a new travel blog as replacement of the other travel blog that I lost interest updating with. The domain says it all what this blog all about.

    Starting today, I'll post all my Tuesday Travels to this blog. So here you go;

    This photos were taken a long time ago (2004 i think) in Bas Daku Moalboal, Cebu. I found a new group of friends at the gym, besides hanging out with my real and close friends. After class or work, I went to the gym and did some mouth work out because we spent time chitchatting instead of doing some workouts and aerobics. Going to the gym was one of my stress reliever back then. I enjoyed the company of these liberated gals.

    That ladies in the right (both pics), the ones with perfect body tone and shape were the serious girls in the gym. They sometimes joined competitions. Anyway, one night the group decided to spend the weekend in the beach so we headed far South and stayed in a friends house for couple of days. I was supposed to proctor the Napolcom exam the next day but i totally forgot. I got a call from my co-teacher asking where i was because my partner was looking for me. I had fun as always and did not even bother to worry about what happened.

    As I've said these people were very liberated and modern. They never care about how they look like in front of the public beach. From Bas Daku beach we headed to Kawasan Falls in Badian.

    I miss going to the gym though and also miss this places in Cebu. It's funny because we spent hours in the gym but there's no changes with the body. Look at those love handles, aren't they gorgeous hehehehhe.


    michi said...

    i never been in moalboal, i still have long list of must visit in cebu. =) ang lamig ng tubig diyan sa kawasan, sobra!

    KM said...

    hi tsangchay! which one of those lovely girls are you? ;) ganda naman ng pagka-blue ng background. white sand ba dito? :)

    visiting you back for TT.

    Dhemz said...

    hahhahha...kalingaw ani nga panahon ba...agoy, ka nice sa posing ni maam sheila...tuwad ang show...joke lang tsang...bibo jud siguro mo ani permi ba...kay bisan ang pag proctor g kalimtan....ehehhee!

    ayay, imo na diay to g biyan imo orig nga travel blog tsang? kinsa naman tag iya ato? hehehhee!

    thanks for dropping by bayot...xoxo!

    Deli said...

    Fun times :) Don't worry about the love handles :) Thanks for the visit.

    anne said...

    ang ganda ng beach, kaya din naman pala nalimutang ang pag proctor hehehe ma amnesia jud ka sa beach na perti ka nice hehehe visiting from TT> here's my entry thanks Points of View of Travels and Places

    Marites said...

    wow..beautiful beach! I think, we're the same. we spend time to the gym but still, got those love handles. Okay lang, coz we're having fun. My TT entry is up here.

    bev said...

    expose kung expose! enjoy! I love the beach. visiting from TT hope you can drop by my entry

    Claire said...

    Wow Ladies. You're really having a great time.

    Visit back from TT.

    Emzkie said...

    wow sexy ladies! looks like u all had so muc fun . =)

    from TT

    Admin said...

    wow! been here once in 2009 with a friend and to Badian too but unfortunately not in Kawasan falls.

    Looks like the water is much clearer back then compared to how it is when we went there.

    wifetoalineman02 said...

    oh la la look at those sexy ladies, love Cebu ug mingaw na jud anang dapita ba :-) Returning the visit from Tuesday Travels

    Lalaine said...

    nalingaw ko while reading your post.. 'mouthwork' instead of work out.. :) but it's nice you found friends to hang out with

    By the way, thanks for your visit at

    amiable amy said...

    hahaha...abi ko ba ug unsa nga warning Shy oyy :-) d unta ko mu click kay bata pa raba ko ...hahahaha...bitaw, it's nice to remember the memories with friends back home noh? worth posting kaayo ang mga birhen oyyy...visiting from TT

    ""rare*jonRez"" said...

    Perti jud ka-nice daw anang MOalboal. Akong college friend now based in Cebu kay sige ug panghambog sa ilang pics of a getaway there. Nice jud nuon! Karon gi-second the motion nimo sa imong mga pics She! :) Haaay makamingaw ang karaang kapanahonan ug hulagway! :D

    Happy new blog she! Nice man ni oi! Ug thanks for joining TT! Don't forget to join again for this week! Open na ang linky! :)

    Adin B said...

    Lovely ladies! :) I heard a lot about this place and si Tim went to this place during his first vacation to Pinas. :) Visiting late mommy.

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